Friday, May 29, 2009

pool puke

I work. I come home. Sometimes I talk to one of my parents or Val on the phone, mostly I watch TV or play Civ IV until stupid hours of the night. I could be doing so much more.

I find myself tired all the time. Restless, listless, always feeling overworked and unsatisfied. Things are not adding up.

A few concrete steps were taken today though. I finished the budget to pay my Dad back for this new laptop and worked out the next few things I need to finish my apartment. By the end of the summer I should be all set here. Ironically I'm making a home here that I plan to leave by next spring. I thought about not buying furniture, not really nesting, so I wouldn't have as much to move but really what's the difference between moving two pieces and moving a whole apartment? Either way there'll be a truck and 400 some odd miles to go.

The plan is to move back to Charleston next March. My company has communities there that I can work at. I am good at my job. That is one thing that I know and haven't really felt since leaving Charleston almost six years ago. I market and lease apartments. It's sales really, but there's something about helping people find somewhere to live and planning community events that makes me feel less like salesperson and more like, a helper I guess is the best word I've got at the moment.

So it's Friday. I didn't work too long past closing and I've got a bottle of Firefly Vodka (the best Charelston export since myself) so I can't call the day a total wash. I actually got quite a bit done. I was finishing up in the office and trying to put off the time when I'd have to go kick everyone out of the pool so that I could lock up (I hate feeling like the bad guy) when I got the news. One of the kids puked in the pool.

On the upside everyone cleared out pretty fast and there was no guilt for me.


His Sinfulness said...

Being a helper is a great thing to do with your life. :)

G said...

I like to think so. And mostly it's fun. It's ironic because I absolutely HATE moving, but I move other people for a living...

Intrepidblackman said...

feeling overworked and unsatisfied....dang I feel you on that. The struggle to be a self created person is forever daunting.

G said...

A self created person... I'm not sure if I trust my creative instincts enough for that right now. What if I create a monster?

Intrepidblackman said...

One has to try. What is something you can do today.

Gye Greene said...

"(the best Charelston export since myself)"

That's a good line. :)

You should be an author: sounds like you're tortured enough. ;)